a person should have good quality of life have what essential condition? Is to eat? Are you sleep well? Is to have a lot of free time? These are all important one, we think that is the ability to move independently and the ability, is closely related with our lower limbs health.

when you get out of bed in the foot pain, not a few steps to begin to knee pain, waist sour backache, may also not durable station, long walk, or even run, over time physical activity gradually decline symptoms also only will be more and more serious. 。 。 You will more and more pessimistic?

a lot of times, the problem is already latent in the life, sedentary, wrong way of wearing shoes, bad shoes structure and environment. 。 。 And so on factors, damage will be virtually without self-knowledge. A person’s gait can reveal physical mechanical operation is normal, coordination and analysis the source of the problem, it is very important to evaluate project!

after induced foot type with 3 d scanners and sufficient evaginate data, through the analysis of the foot and the professional, the arch too high or too low, will let the plantar pressure distribution imbalance, in addition to the more vulnerable to the legs tired, pain, heel outer, Angle error, the more will directly affect the walk way and posture.

and walk the wrong way, and will affect the compression of the knee, the position of the pelvis and spine lesions also followed, oppression to the autonomic nervous system, caused the sympathetic nerve and parasympathetic nerve, compression, each organ systems in the body are all will influence each other over time all kinds of diseases, can cause the burden of the body.

overall, pelvis and arch is affect the person’s body, posture, gait is the most important factors, so the custom orthopedic custom ortopéd talpbetét, except for the arch is incomplete or legs not good-looking people is very important, it is a great help for the pelvis is not straight. Actually both high arches, lúdtalp, or obliquity of pelvis, can all be customized shoes fitting orthopedic custom ortopéd talpbetét, biological forces make line as far as possible back to normal position.

ellenőrizze ortopéd talpbetét can provide a more scientific for each foot solutions to problems, to maintain the normal foot structure, spread a foot three stress, relieve pain caused by foot, and ease the foot knee joint, and spinal stress and adjust the body gravity center line, some foot disease patients often cause the neck or waist problem, if not from the feet to start and improvement, it may not be possible to completely solve the root of the problem!

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