not long ago, my sister came a video for me, with a small treasure, go out for an outing with friends, she is very happy. I watched the video. It runs about 15 minutes, but has a different feel.

video from time to time came the voice of my sister:

‘xiao bao, a good walk’

‘xiao bao, how can you forget again, have a good walk’

‘xiao bao, walking like that is very ugly, remember? Want to have a walk ‘

. . . . .

small treasure, often playing with one of the most happy time, is his mother’s words back to prototype.

especially in front of the children, xiao bao pretend as if nothing has occurredly appearance,

‘well, good. ‘ 。 。

under this escalating to prompt within eight small treasure should already know the ugly, estimated that he is more concerned about other children might feel ugly. 。 。

small treasure is blow again. 。 。

such scene, probably around everywhere. But it is very painful, because the baby be wronged. 。 。 To walk within eight or outside the horoscope, not the baby’s fault.

my sister every, hurts baby, baby has caused severe psychological pressure, more importantly this pressure is caused by treasure ‘ignorance of ankle.

I very guilty, himself as a ankle orthopaedic specialists, every day in the company’s propaganda, but forget to tell family, eight in what should I do?

I think I have necessary with countless baby sisters said like this:

baby to walk within eight, because of factors such as bones, muscles, for instance, the baby calf tibia excessive turned inward, leading the direction of the foot into the figure of eight.

this is because the bone growth, the direction of the strange baby?

so, blindly blame baby, is mom and dad’s fault.

treasure mom, learn to follow us ankle basic knowledge.

after the painful experience, I want to tell mom what treasure.

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